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Actual Trim Size of Magazine 8 3/8 x 10 7/8 Magazine Ad Sizes in inches Width Length Full Page w/Bleed 8 1/2 11 1/8 Full Page no bleed 7.5 10 1/32 1/2 Page Horizontal 7.5 5 1/2 Page Vertical 3 3/4 10 1/32 1/3 Page 7.5 3 5/16 1/4 Page 3 3/4 5

Electronic Submission Guidelines Homes & Land is North Americas leading community real estate publication, appearing in over 14,000 communities across the United States and Canada. We are excited that you have chosen Homes & Land as your source of advertising. The following guidelines for submitting electronic media and/or composite film were created in order to maintain a quick turnaround time. Page layout software QuarkXPress single page documents.Please do not use any third party QuarkXPress Xtensions Colors must have CMYK values and must be set for process separations; note that Pantone colors may not have exact CMYK color space equivalents. Illustration software Adobe Illustrator; all artwork should have all text and text anchor points converted to outline & contain no placed artwork. A composite Illustrator EPS file. Freehand files cannot be accepted. Quark EPS files cannot be accepted. Acrobat PDF files cannot not accepted. Image editing software Adobe Photoshop Images supplied for print publication should be: Color artwork, mugs, etc. should be saved in RGB mode. Black & white images should be saved in grayscale mode. Images should be cropped to the final print dimensions and saved at 300 dpi. All photo file names should include advertisers or project name EXAMPLE C21 TOM JONES mug shot Windsor green logo All actual listing scans should be cropped to finished dimension size. Listing Scans should be named by there street address first followed by company name. EXAMPLE of correct photo names 1281 Harbour Street Prudential Tony Cantsell Lot 50 Greenlakes Sub. REMAX Ineeda Sell Macintosh Format Silouette images should be saved in Photoshop composite EPS format; No DCS (desktop color separations). Do not use LZW Compression FONTS: All fonts used must be submitted with job. Macintosh Type 1 PostScript only (no True Type or Multiple Master fonts). Reflow may occur. Submit all printer & screen fonts inside a fonts folder. PROOF: Hard copy must be printed at 100% and accurately reflect contents of the electronic files. Color ads must be accompanied by color proofs.